Thursday, May 01, 2008

IN ROTATION—HOFB & Text of Light

Congratulations to Brian Darr on the launch of the newly-designed Hell on Frisco Bay ("Mark II—Jazz Odyssey"). My optometrist loves you!

When I first began haunting press screenings at the Hobart Building's Variety Screening Room, the first journalist to introduce himself and welcome me into the press corps was Max Goldberg, critic on the staff of the San Francisco Bay Guardian and frequent contributor to SF360. His kind gesture was deeply appreciated. Especially since I had recently been yelled at by a certain anonymously-bereted and leather clad "critic" who accused me of sitting in "his" seat. He reminded me that he had been a critic of some 20 years and who the hell was I? "Are you going to move?" he demanded. Too weathered to register this blast of hot air, I smiled sweetly and reminded him, "This sounds very much like a personal problem."

Thus the fact that someone could be civil and collaborative in that small screening room meant the world to me. I've long been a fan of Goldberg's writing and am delighted that he has finally announced his blog Text of Light, which he's kept modestly hidden since last Fall. Along with treasures to be savored in his archives, most recently Max has offered up a preview of SFIFF51, and a review of Standard Operating Procedure (likewise screening at the festival). Now it's my turn to welcome Max Goldberg and Text of Light into the weave!

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Brian Darr said...

Thanks for pointing out Max's site- I had no idea he was blogging now! Terrific news. I'll be adding Text of Light to my sidebar when I get it reconstructed (it looks like, because I finally switched to "new" blogger, that's going to be the most laborious piece to replace in this reconstruction).

Yes, it's a slow, but hopefully steady, running launch. I don't know if the Spinal Tap reference will stay, but it's amusing me for now.