Saturday, February 23, 2008

SXSW08—Dreams With Sharp Teeth

Filmbud Alan Rode sent me this hilarious and spot-on rant by Harlan Ellison, subject of Erik Nelson's documentary portrait Dreams With Sharp Teeth, which is having its World Premiere at this year's SXSW. Dreams With Sharp Teeth profiles acclaimed author Harlan Ellison, as he looks back on his fabled and influential career as one of the world's top genre writers for television and print.


HarryTuttle said...

Hahahaha very good. He sounds like he doing a parody of angry Scorsese. :p

I assume he was paid for THIS interview then. When was it recorded? He doesn't even mention the writer's strike... it's totally on-topic.

Michael Guillen said...

Howdy, Harry!! Thanks for stopping by to comment. How's the City of Lights this Spring?

The project Dreams With Sharp Teeth is a 2008 venture, premiering at SXSW; but, according to IMdb: "Director Nelson was only 24 when he first videotaped Ellison at a typewriter for a March 1981 PBS documentary about science fiction and fantasy writers -- footage that is included in this film." Which means, I surmise, that the footage in the film covers a large span of time. But no matter when, it's always a timely topic, eh?

Anonymous said...

this paint by number doc. does a tremendous disservice to an incredibly gifted writer with a colorful personality to boot.