Friday, December 28, 2007

LISTS 2007: The SF360 List (aka The Confessions of A Festival Junkie)

Susie Gerhard, my former editor at SF360, asked me to contribute a top 10 for today's SF360 entry, where—along with the likes of Susie herself, Dennis Harvey, Max Goldberg, Glen Helfand, Hannah Eaves, Michael Fox, Jonathan Marlow, Claire Faggioli, and Erika Young—I elected to highlight my favorite film from each of my 10 favorite film festivals in the Bay Area.

1. February / Noir City: The Damned Don't Cry

2. February / PFA African Film Festival: U-Carmen

3. March / San Francisco Asian American: Woman on the Beach

4. April / San Francisco International: Brand Upon the Brain!

5. June / Frameline: Red Without Blue

6. July / San Francisco Silent Film Festival: Beggars of Life

7. August / Dead Channels: Nuit Noire

8. October / Arab Film Festival: Making Of

9. November / San Francisco Korean American: A Flower In Hell

10. November / 3rd I: Pyaasa