Tuesday, October 16, 2007

LARS AND THE REAL GIRLThe Chronicle Interview With Ryan Gosling

I thoroughly enjoyed Lars and The Real Girl when I caught it at Toronto and wrote it up at that time for The Evening Class. Since then, Dave Hudson has gathered up the critical fanfare at the Greencine Daily with his usual skill. Onto that consummate list, I add Pam Grady's interview with Ryan Gosling for the San Francisco Chronicle, wherein I discovered that Ryan was a Mousketeer and that—as I suggested—he too was thinking of Jimmy Stewart's Harvey while performing Lars.

Cross-published on Twitch. Photo courtesy of Jason Gemnich/WireImage for TIFFG.

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YNOT TONY said...

What a timing! I just came back from the pre-screening of "Lars and the Real Girl," I totally enjoy this film ... Lets hope he will continue to have great roles after he gets his Oscar... :)