Tuesday, August 07, 2007

THE CASTRO THEATRE—Vintage Calendars

Remember when I mentioned that Michael Hawley has collected the calendars for the Castro Theatre since the mid-70s? Well, as a 85-year anniversary tribute to our favorite movie palace, Michael's scanned 10 of his favorite calendars and we offer them to you. Maybe some of them trigger a memory or two?


Anonymous said...

Oh, it was really something when a new calendar came out for the Castro. Now, even with the programming improving again, it exciting to see what's coming up. But way back when . . . oh, it was cinema lust on so many levels.

With Anita we also lost her very gifted notewriter husband Peter Moore. Such great notes! They reminded one of what one loved about a film without marring the experience for veiwers new it. He seemed to really grasp the individual appeal of a wide range of film performers. I really miss his work!

Wish I'd saved more of my calendars.

Michael Guillen said...

Thank you so much for your comment, Marian, and for reminding of Peter Moore's program notes. I shall have to sit down with my friend Michael's collection and appreciate them more fully.

MattSeverson67 said...

Michael,thank you for posting these -- is there a way to find the actual calendars with the dates of the films that played at the Castro online? Thanks!

MattSeverson67 said...

Michael, Thank you for posting these covers of the Castro Calendars. Do you know if anyone has published the actual contents of the calendars themselves anywhere, to see the film schedules and when the dates where that films played at the theater? Is there an online archive of them? Thanks!