Tuesday, August 07, 2007

THE CASTRO THEATRE—Vintage Calendars

Remember when I mentioned that Michael Hawley has collected the calendars for the Castro Theatre since the mid-70s? Well, as a 85-year anniversary tribute to our favorite movie palace, Michael's scanned 10 of his favorite calendars and we offer them to you. Maybe some of them trigger a memory or two?


Anonymous said...

Oh, it was really something when a new calendar came out for the Castro. Now, even with the programming improving again, it exciting to see what's coming up. But way back when . . . oh, it was cinema lust on so many levels.

With Anita we also lost her very gifted notewriter husband Peter Moore. Such great notes! They reminded one of what one loved about a film without marring the experience for veiwers new it. He seemed to really grasp the individual appeal of a wide range of film performers. I really miss his work!

Wish I'd saved more of my calendars.

Michael Guillen said...

Thank you so much for your comment, Marian, and for reminding of Peter Moore's program notes. I shall have to sit down with my friend Michael's collection and appreciate them more fully.