Monday, June 30, 2008

THE LAST MISTRESS—The Greencine Interview With Catherine Breillat

Catherine Breillat's Une vieille maîtresse (The Last Mistress, 2007) opened the 2008 San Francisco International Film Festival after garnering many favorable reviews on its festival trajectory and Breillat was on hand to demonstrate her mesmerizing blend of premature frailty and fierce self-bemusement. Having already reported on that opening night festival appearance, I now follow through with my interview with Catherine Breillat published at Greencine, where Dave Hudson has expertly gathered up the most recent reviews in the wake of the film's theatrical release.

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Paul Martin said...

That is a fantastic interview, Michael. I have read the production notes for the film after seeing it last year, but you have extracted much more insight about the film from Breillat. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article on GreenCine.

BTW, while I thought the film was sumptuous, I didn't like it as much as some of Breillat's other films (like Sex is Comedy, among others). But reading about Breillat's intent has enhanced my appreciation of the film.

Michael Guillen said...

Thank you, Paul. I appreciate your kind words. How goes it Down Under?

milenkos said...

I'm a big fan of her work! can't wait to read the interview :)