Friday, June 13, 2008

2008 FRAMELINE32—35mm Projections

As many of you are no doubt aware, the recent fire at Universal Studios destroyed many of the circulation prints used to satisfy festival requests. Fortunately, most of the elements for these films were not injured but a certain lag time will be required to strike new prints for eventual distribution. So keep your fingers crossed that a new print of Bound will be struck in time for its Frameline screening.

With that necessary caveat in mind, Frameline graciously provided The Evening Class the list of films from Frameline32 that will be projected in 35mm.

Big Eden
Blood of Yingzhou District, The
Bonne Mère
Country Life
Drifting Flowers
Fairytale of Kathmandu
In the High School
Karmen Geï
La León
Lloyd Neck
Mala Noche
No Bikini
Pages Of A Girl
Saturn In Opposition
Silver Road
Word Is Out
Yes Nurse, No Nurse
You, Me and Him


Brian Darr said...

Great sleuthig, Michael! I hope Bound is able to be screened in 35mm.

Anonymous said...

Boy, that's a shockingly skimpy list! Out of 88 features in the festival, only 11 are being screened in 35mm? Welcome to the future, I guess. Digital projections of Fatih Akin's THE EDGE OF HEAVEN and Jacques Nolot's BEFORE I FORGET? Uh, thanks but no thanks. What a relief to find LA LEON on the list.

Brian Darr said...

Yes, there are some surprising omissions. In addition to the Akin (which I already have my tickets for) and the Nolot, there's Law of Desire, which even the Film on Film Foundation is still marking as 35mm.