Friday, January 18, 2008


When I first thought of hosting the Val Lewton Blogathon, I was concerned that I might throw a party no one would come to; but, the turnout has been great and the contributions diverse and fun reading. Below is the complete contribution list. I want to thank each and every contributor for participating and making it such a fun party!

Dispatches From Zembla (Alok Zembla)Val Lewton: The Man in the Shadows

Film Journey (Doug Cummings)Val Lewton: The Man in the Shadows

The Shelf (J.C. Loophole)Val Lewton: The Man in the Shadows

New York Press (Eric Kohn)Val Lewton: The Man in the Shadows

FlickheadVal Lewton: The Man in the Shadows

Innisfree (Vincent Innisfree)Val Lewton: The Man in the Shadows

Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind (Bob Turnbull)The Val Lewton Horror Collection

Film Forno (Joe D'Augustine)Cat People

Films NoirCat People

Signal Bleed (Josh Bell)Cat People

Serendipty (Merge Divide)Cat People; The Curse of the Cat People

More Than Meets the Mogwai (Aaron W. Graham)The Curse of the Cat People

The House of Mirth and Movies (Mrs. Emma Peel)The Body Snatcher

Tractor Facts (Mark Osborn)The Leopard Man

Movie Morlocks (Richard Harland Smith)The Leopard Man

Coffee, Coffee, and more Coffee (Peter Nellhaus)The Leopard Man; The Ghost Ship

Welcome to L.A. (Larry Aydlette)The Ghost Ship (Skelton Knaggs profile)

Bright Lights After Dark (C. Jerry Kutner)The Seventh Victim

Ferdy on Films, etc. (Roderick Heath)Isle of the Dead

Ferdy on Films, etc. (Marilyn Ferdinand)Bedlam

Cult Film Confidential (Michael McMorrow)I Walked With A Zombie (Sir Lancelot profile)

Greenbrian Picture Shows (John McElwee)Cat People; I Walked With A Zombie

Greenbrian Picture Shows (John McElwee)The Seventh Victim, Ghost Ship, Curse of the Cat People, Youth Runs Wild, Mademoiselle Fifi

Greenbrian Picture Shows (John McElwee)The Body Snatcher, Isle of the Dead, Bedlam

Self-Styled Siren (Campaspe)Mademoiselle Fifi

The Evening Class (Michael Guillén)I Walked With A Zombie (Interview With Andrew Bailey)

The Evening Class (Michael Guillén)The Curse of the Cat People (Interview With Ann Carter-Newton)

The Evening Class (Michael Guillén)—Interview With Val E. Lewton

There's still a lot more that could be said about Val Lewton and his oeuvre but for now I need to wrap up my coverage of the Palm Springs International Film Festival and move on to Noir City and the San Francisco Indiefest. I've been so heartened by this project that I'm going to go ahead and announce the Kiyoshi Kurosawa Blogathon in honor of his 52nd birthday on July 19, 2008!! Mark your calendars! Thanks again everyone!


Anonymous said...

Count me way in! I'm in a K. Kurosawa viewing marathon myself right now.

Michael Guillen said...

"Fergie": thanks so much for your immediate enthusiasm! I loved the piece you wrote on Bedlam and will look forward to whatever you write on Kiyoshi Kurosawa. My best.

Bob Turnbull said...

Argh! I thought I had until the 20th!

I finally finished my post this morning and put it up. It's not specific to any of his movies, but just gives some overall impressions I have. If you can link it in that would be great, but I understand if you've closed it off.

Looking forward to Kiyoshi Kurosawa!

Michael Guillen said...

...and leave you out of the mix after working up a post??!! Don't be ridiculous! Off to pull you in right now.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Blogathon Michael! I was more than happy to promote it on my own blog. I'm still recovering from the holidays and work + family stuff have been really demanding lately so my writing and blog reading has been minimal, but I enjoyed catching up with the contributors this week. If I ever get around to writing something about Lewton's influence on Argento, I'll let you know.