Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SFIAF08—The SF360 Interview With Sean Uyehara

My interview with San Francisco Film Society associate programmer Sean Uyehara regarding the 3rd edition of the International Animation Festival is up at SF360. Unbeknownst to me, my editor at SF360 lopped off the tail end of the interview, which I offer here for posterity's sake (though I don't know why I should; to quote Woody Allen: "What has posterity ever done for me?"):

SF360: With the San Francisco Film Society's recent partnership with the Film Arts Foundation, will you be teaching any of their film courses?

Uyehara: Yes, I'm teaching an introductory class on basic concepts in film criticism: why critics take certain positions, what it is that they're falling back on, what their assumptions are. What acumen do writers bring to this kind of writing, what are their goals, and how do they evaluate a movie? What is their criteria?

SF360: Are these classes being held at the Ninth Street Film Center?

Uyehara: Some of the classes are being held there and some are being held in the Presidio.

SF360: Well, Sean, to wrap up, thanks for the insightful preview. I'm genuinely looking forward to this year's edition of the International Animation Festival and, once again, congratulations on your expanded, multi-faceted efforts.

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Brian Darr said...

Nice interview, Michael. Helps me pick and choose my selections for this weekend.

Michael Guillen said...

Hope to see you there, Brian; it's been a while. Maybe you could offer me some on-hand advice on how to avoid getting into trouble? Heh.