Monday, November 05, 2007

THE TALKIES—Cinema Shouts Back

Filmbud Tim Massett, who runs the lovely San Marco Theatre in Jacksonville, Florida, is the mastermind behind "The Talkies"—a "long-time pet project-come true." Essentially it's cinema shouting back against the DVD/home theater via a 35mm, two-night event. On the first night The Talkies screen a classic film in 35mm. The next night, not only does the director attend, but he or she also provides running commentary throughout the screening. The audience watches and listens along to both the director and the film. It's taking something the DVD offers (the alternate commentary track) and making it oh so much better. John Waters says Tim's created a new art form.

Having experienced something of the same when Apichatpong Weerasethakul provided commentary during a screening of Tropical Malady at the Pacific Film Archives, I can attest to the value and entertainment of such an experience.

Tim's just launched the website for The Talkies announcing George Romero as its next guest and participant. Congratulations, Tim!

Portrait of George Romero courtesy of Cameron Bennett. Cross-published at Twitch.

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