Tuesday, November 06, 2007

2007 GLOBAL LENS—Line-up

I'd be hard-pressed to outdo Robert Avila's outstanding SF360 preview of Global Lens 2007. As a member of the GFI board, I am grateful for his accomplished outreach. This year's dynamic, community-based screening schedule truly achieves GFI's mission to—as Susan Weeks Coulter describes it—"link local communities through these films and create a cinematic experience that can be shared by everyone."

Spanning eight neighborhoods and thirteen venues, Global Lens 2007 launched on November 1st and continues through November 16th. The series opened at St. Dominic's and St. John's churches (Pacific Heights and Richmond District), and continues with screenings across the city, including the Bayview Opera House (Bayview), Roxie Film Center and El Rio (Mission), San Francisco Art Institute ("SFAI", North Beach), and San Francisco State University ("SFSU").

As part of new and ongoing partnerships with the Initiative, the San Francisco Film Society will also host daytime, educational screenings for high school students at the de Young Museum, and the Mexican Heritage Plaza (San Jose) will screen the entire series, as well as host educational film screenings, during the month of December.

"Collaboration, which is reflected in our partnerships, is an extension of our mission to support film communities locally and worldwide," says Santhosh Daniel, Director of Programs at The Global Film Initiative.

The premiere of Global Lens 2007 marks the second time the Initiative has taken a collaborative approach to its series in the Bay Area. Last year, Global Lens screened in five locations and this year's expansion reflects the Initiative's continuing mission to foster the growth of vibrant independent film communities through innovative presentations of Global Lens.

Following is the ongoing schedule for Global Lens 2007. As I've already specified, I'll be introducing films at the Roxie Film Center (except for Another Man's Garden, which will be introduced by Cornelius Moore of California Newsreel).

Another Man's Garden

11/07 @ de Young (10:00AM) *EDU
11/07 @ Roxie (7:00PM)
11/11 @ SFAI—Lecture Hall (6:00PM)
11/15 @ Boys & Girls Clubs (6:00PM) *up to age 18 only

Dam Street

11/07 @ Roxie (9:00PM)
11/14 @ Balboa (10:00AM) *EDU


11/06 @ Roxie (7:00 PM)
11/10 @ SFAI—Lecture Hall (8:30PM)
11/13 @ Balboa (10:00AM) *EDU
11/15 @ SFSU—Coppola Theatre (7:30PM)

Fine Dead Girls

11/08 @ St. Dominic's (7:00PM)
11/08 @ Roxie (9:00PM)
11/13 @ SFAI—Lecture Hall (8:30PM)
11/15 @ El Rio (6:00PM)

Kilometre Zero

11/06 @ Roxie (9:00PM)
11/08 @ SFSU—Coppola Theatre (7:30PM)
11/15 @ Balboa (10:00AM) *EDU

Of Love & Eggs

11/07 @ Roxie (4:00PM)
11/09 @ SFSU—Coppola Theatre (6:00PM)
11/16 @ Balboa (10:00AM) *EDU

On Each Side

11/09 @ Roxie (7:00PM)
11/10 @ SFAI—Lecture Hall (6:00PM)
11/15 @ CCSF—Mission Campus (7:00PM)

The Sacred Family

11/07 @ Roxie (2:00PM)
11/12 @ SFAI—Lecture Hall (1:00PM)
11/14 @ CCSF—Mission Campus (7:00PM)

A Wonderful Night In Split

11/08 @ Roxie (7:00PM)
11/11 @ SFAI—Lecture Hall (8:30PM)


11/08 @ Boys & Girls Clubs (6:00PM) *up to age 18 only
11/09 @ SFAI—Lecture Hall (8:30PM)
11/09 @ Roxie (9:00PM)
11/15 @ El Rio (6:00PM) *Girl of Faith screening only

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