Monday, July 13, 2009

SFSFF09—The Gaucho (1927): Lupe Vélez Mantilla Gallery

Poor Lupe. Always made to feel at her own weddings that she's not as good as the other woman who's catching her husband's longing glances. If it was "white lace she was chasing", at least Lupe wore it in style. Not just a bridal veil, but a doña's mantilla.


Jim Gerow said...

Maya, it was a pleasure meeting you, if only briefly, at the Silent Film Festival. I hope to return next year.

Thanks for posting these lovely photos and the earlier magazine covers featuring La Lupe. Her performance in Lady of the Pavements was a revelation to me.

Michael Guillen said...

Jim, glad to hear you made it home safe and sound. I, too, was very glad to touch base with you and Juan and hope you had a good visit to SFMOMA. Maybe next year we can organize our time to visit in more depth.

"Revelation" is the perfect term to describe Lupe's performance in Lady of the Pavements, which completely won me over. It reminded me that what I really love to see in these silent films of yesteryear are the love stories. Lady of the Pavements had much of a fairy tale's charm with a wicked duchess, a girl of lower means visiting the ball, and a handsome prince. I was quite choked up with sentiment by film's end.