Sunday, April 20, 2008

IN ROTATION—SF360's SFIFF51 Coverage

I've been meaning to comment for weeks now on the crisp new design of SF360. They've done away with the graded green-to-orange color scheme (thank you!) and are now bylining their features. Congratulations to Susan Gerhard and her SF360 team for the fresh new look!

This is as good a time as any to tip the hat because it's also when SF360 really shines with its coverage of the San Francisco International. I'll use this Evening Class entry to keep SF360's coverage updated. Along with her initial report from the SFIFF51 press conference (where SF360 photographer Pamela Gentile caught choir boys Rob Davis and Brian Darr reading their festival catalogs as reverentially as hymnals), Susie has organized her writers to focus first on Bay Area filmmakers and their contributions to SFIFF51. These include:

Chuy Varela on Cachao: Uno Mas.

Michael Fox's interview with Johnny Symons, director of Ask Not.

Michael Fox's interview with Renee Tajima-Peña, director of Calavera Highway.

Susan Gerhard's interview with Dawn Logsdon, director of Faubourg Tremé.

Susan Gerhard's interview with Logan and Noah Miller, co-directors of Touching Home.

Michael Fox's interview with Craig Baldwin, director of Mock Up On Mu.

Erika Young's interview with Cornelius Moore on California Newsreel.

Susan Gerhard's interview with Elizabeth Farnsworth, co-director of The Judge and the General.

Robert Avila's "round table" discussion with Evolution: The Musical! filmmakers Andrew Bancroft and Kenny Taylor, as well as actors and Killing My Lobster veterans Tonya Glanz and Jon Wolanske.

Dennis Harvey's profile of Asia Argento.

Dennis Harvey's profile of Jason Lee.

Jennifer Preissel's interview with Eddie Muller, director of The Grand Inquisitor.

Michael Fox's interview with Barry Jenkins, director of Medicine for Melancholy.

Jennifer Preissel's interview with Katherin McInnis, director of Woodward's Gardens.

Dennis Harvey's profile of Mike Leigh.

Michael Fox's interview with "Someguy" and Andrea Kreuzhage, director of 1000 Journals.

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girish said...

Oh that's perfect. Rob and Brian look so worshipful.

Anonymous said...

What's not shown, just after the picture was taken: Brian leaping up and punching the poor photographer directly in the lens, then twice in the eye socket, thinking it was another stalker. Only when her credentials were brandished would Brian retake his seat so the press conference could continue.

What's not shown, just before the picture was taken: the singing.

Brian Darr said...

That's not me at all. I think you have me confused with someone else, guys.

Anonymous said...

Brian, I was going to let Michael go on thinking that I'm in this picture. Otherwise, the illusion that I've spent a fair bit of time building will be shattered and I'll have to hire a new actor who's willing to spend so much time in screening rooms. Either that or move to Denver or Brooklyn or Chicago or something.

Michael Guillen said...

Contrary to what the two of you might think, my mind can wrap itself around the eerie concept that this is a rare photograph of your doppelganger duo: Ryan and Bob.