Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Brian Darr is a great gumshoe!! He has a knack for knowing which movies are coming to the Bay Area and when. Via The Storyteller (Yasmin Ahmad's blog) he determined that Gubra, her follow-up feature to Sepet, will be screening at this year's San Francisco International Film Festival. I appreciate how these young Malaysian filmmakers use their blogs to journalize their projects; it allows a welcome access to their creativity! In her most recent entry, Yasmin shared Ong Sor Fern's review from the Singapore Straits Times.

ADDENDUM: The Great Swifty has spoken!! He's directed me to A Nutshell Review's account of the gala opening of Gubra, accompanied by a heartfelt review, and an enthusiastic diary piece on having dinner with director Yasmin Ahmad. On the basis of his being such an excellent liaison for Malaysian information, I add The Great Swifty to my links. Thanks, Edmund!


Edmund Yeo said...

Yeap, Gubra's reviewed here.

Michael Guillen said...

Great Swifty, thanks for the pointer to Nutshell Review! You're being a real champ keeping me apprised of the Malaysian information and I appreciate it. I promised you I was going to put up the information on the Malaysian independent film scene and I'm heartened to know you're responding to it. I'm going to incorporate that link into the main post to make sure readers catch it!

Stefan S said...

Thanks for the link back swifty, maya!

Hope that you'll enjoy Gubra as much as I did! (I know I'm crazy, but have watched it a total of 3 times now)

Michael Guillen said...

That's certainly an endorsement! I know I'll at least watch it once.

Edmund Yeo said...

Maya: Your welcome :D

SS: No prob, man!