Friday, March 03, 2006

CATCHBASIN No. 4—Citizen Dog; Altman Blog-a-thon, El Twitcho

Fellow blogger Brian Darr has posted his own review of Citizen Dog on his site Hell On Frisco Bay, which incidentally is perhaps the most up-to-date compendium of upcoming film activity in the San Francisco Bay Area. I check in there every morning to find out what he knows! Without question it gains immediate link status to The Evening Class. His write-up on Citizen Dog includes an informative link to as well as Chuck Stephen's 2001 Film Comment write-up on Tears of the Black Tiger:

Todd Brown at Twitch has long been one of my main sources of Asian cinema information, especially with regard to buzz. I love the clips that he seems to conjure up out of midair. That he linked in my review of Citizen Dog into a recent post on the commercial films coming out of The Film Factory—Wisit's production company—meant a lot to me, especially since he and Chuck Stephens were the first two to turn me on to Wisit. Recognizing a lack of reportage on things Latin American, Todd and I have negotiated to have me be his Latin American correspondent at the upcoming 2006 San Francisco International Film Festival!! It's a welcome opportunity.

I'm also adding Matt Zoller Seitz's site The House Next Door, and not just because it's "a long, strange journey toward a retrospectively inevitable destination", and not just because he is the faithful ringmaster of the amorphous Altman blog-a-thon (in process!!!), and not just because he's promised to send me a screener tape of his new film Home (snail mail has never seemed so cruel). None of those hurt, of course, but the true reason I'm including him is because I like his writing. Imagine!! A year or so back I went into a printing mania and printed out a good ten beacon boxes worth of online film commentary, amongst which were many of Matt's archived reviews for the New York Press. Little did I know I would end up interacting online with this consummate film critic, filmmaker, and blogsmith. How he manages to find the time to do all this is inspiring to someone with a little too much time on his hands:


Brian Darr said...

Wish I had the ability to post something new for you every morning. Thanks for the link, reminds me I haven't updated my own sidebar in quite a while...

Michael Guillen said...

If you posted something new for me every morning, Brian, it would probably be more than I can handle. As it is, you alert me to so much that I have to process that I'm lucky to get out of the house to see any movies at all!! Keep up the great work. Between the two of us, we'll corner this Bay Area market!