Friday, March 03, 2006

CATCHBASIN No. 4—Citizen Dog; Altman Blog-a-thon, El Twitcho

Fellow blogger Brian Darr has posted his own review of Citizen Dog on his site Hell On Frisco Bay, which incidentally is perhaps the most up-to-date compendium of upcoming film activity in the San Francisco Bay Area. I check in there every morning to find out what he knows! Without question it gains immediate link status to The Evening Class. His write-up on Citizen Dog includes an informative link to as well as Chuck Stephen's 2001 Film Comment write-up on Tears of the Black Tiger:

Todd Brown at Twitch has long been one of my main sources of Asian cinema information, especially with regard to buzz. I love the clips that he seems to conjure up out of midair. That he linked in my review of Citizen Dog into a recent post on the commercial films coming out of The Film Factory—Wisit's production company—meant a lot to me, especially since he and Chuck Stephens were the first two to turn me on to Wisit. Recognizing a lack of reportage on things Latin American, Todd and I have negotiated to have me be his Latin American correspondent at the upcoming 2006 San Francisco International Film Festival!! It's a welcome opportunity.

I'm also adding Matt Zoller Seitz's site The House Next Door, and not just because it's "a long, strange journey toward a retrospectively inevitable destination", and not just because he is the faithful ringmaster of the amorphous Altman blog-a-thon (in process!!!), and not just because he's promised to send me a screener tape of his new film Home (snail mail has never seemed so cruel). None of those hurt, of course, but the true reason I'm including him is because I like his writing. Imagine!! A year or so back I went into a printing mania and printed out a good ten beacon boxes worth of online film commentary, amongst which were many of Matt's archived reviews for the New York Press. Little did I know I would end up interacting online with this consummate film critic, filmmaker, and blogsmith. How he manages to find the time to do all this is inspiring to someone with a little too much time on his hands:
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