Saturday, March 04, 2006

2006 SVFF Program; 2006 SFIFF Headliners Announced

The 9th Annual Sonoma Valley Film Festival is running April 5-9:

Here's a sneak peek at their program line-up; Platinum Premiere passes are still available:

Meanwhile, the San Francisco International Film Festival has announced its headliners:

Werner Herzog will receive this year's directing award, and Ed Harris gets the Peter J. Owens acting award. Peter Chan's Perhaps Love will open the festival (the first Hong Kong feature to ever do so in the festival's nearly 50-year history) and the closing night film will be Robert Altman's A Prairie Home Companion.


Brian Darr said...

Great early warning signs for the SFIFF that it's gotten its act together. Herzog is a fantastic choice, worth 1,000 Taylor Hackfords or Warren Beattys (and hope for as big a retrospective as possible). I'm thrilled to death about the closing film, and though I know nothing about Perhaps Love, Peter Chan is a name I trust, after the sweet Comrades: an Almost Love Story and Going Home. As for Ed Harris, he's got a very nice filmography to select from; I especially would love to see the Right Stuff or Walker on the big screen.

Michael Guillen said...

Agreed, Brian. I'm trusting Graham Leggat will restore the festival to its pre-Roxanne stature. When he introduced himself to Film Society members a while back and opened himself up to Q&A, I had to resist the impulse to ask: "Mr. Leggat, are you a good witch or a bad witch....?"

Edmund Yeo said...

Perhaps Love is a musical, pretty decent stuff. Though not as good as Comrades. I mean, it's musical cos' of the movie within the movie. I reviewed it, actually. Really fabulous cinematography, and I have its soundtrack too.