Thursday, March 09, 2006

CATCHBASIN No. 5—Oddball Films; Firecracker reviews of "Taegukgi" and "Citizen Dog"

Received a note from Stephen Parr advising that I am mistaken about Oddball Films being a non profit. It's actually a business that provides stock footage for documentaries, commercials, feature films and more. Steve owns most of the films (about 35,000, mostly 16mm, but 35mm and 8mm as well).

The San Francisco Media Archive (of which Steve is the director) is a non profit and those films are owned by SFMA. It's been set up that way so that Steve can secure funding to preserve some of the films in the archive. To that effect he has received a few grants from the National Film Preservation Foundation based in San Francisco.
* * *

Scrolling through the archived issues of Firecracker, I came across Nick North's review of Taegukgi and Erika Franklin's interview of Kang Je-gyu in Issue 7. Franklin reviewed Taegukgi in turn (upon its dvd release) in Issue 12. Rob Williamson reviewed Citizen Dog in Issue 3.

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