Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Extras! Extras! Read All About It!

In the immortal words of Female Trouble's Dawn Davenport: "Who wants to die for the sake of art?" Peaches Christ wants to know! "Why?" you might wonder. Because All About Evil, the feature film debut of writer/director Joshua Grannell (aka "Peaches Christ") begins shooting in San Francisco this March, 2009, and Peaches needs a few extras to kill off, don'tcha know? In a heady mix of cult icons and up-and-comers, All About Evil will star Thomas Dekker (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Noah Segan (Deadgirl, Brick), Cassandra Peterson (Elvira), Mink Stole, Mary Woronov, Candice Accola, Peaches Christ, Martiny, Timmy Spence, Jen Taher, and more. Maybe even you!!

In All About Evil, a mousy librarian, who has inherited her father's beloved old movie house, discovers her inner serial killer—and a legion of rabid gore fans—when she starts turning out a series of grisly shorts. What her fans don't realize (yet!) is that the murders in the movies are all too real. This over-the-top horror comedy is currently recruiting volunteer extras prepared—as Peaches puts it—"to participate in giant scenes of pandemonium, mayhem, and mass murder. Due to the low-budget nature of this project, extras are unpaid but you will get free popcorn, soda, possibly pizza, and a chance to appear in one of the strangest films to come out in years." Plus, you'll get to see Peaches directing large action scenes in half-drag, which even Peaches admits "might actually be the scariest part of making the movie!" Though all extra work is unpaid and may require large blocks of time (up to twelve hours), it's a chance to be part of the underground world of SF cult movie fanatics and help make this outrageous film where you literally become part of the horror movie. Oh hell, even if you don't want to die for the sake of art; die for fun!

You can register
here. And you can read up on what a long, strange trip it's been to bring All About Evil to the bloody screen in Michael Fox's article for SF360 ("Some screenwriters have a specific actor in mind when they write; he had a theater. 'The outline in my head has always been the Bridge,' [Peaches] confides.")

In an e-blast sent out just yesterday, Peaches wrote: "So, speaking of
Mink Stole... Dupuy and I are currently at my parents house in Maryland and are lunching with Ms. Stole tomorrow in beautiful Baltimore. As you know, I'm her biggest fan and she is one of my all-time favorite actresses. It's surreal to think that we are meeting and discussing my very own screenplay where her character has the scariest, most disgusting, and elaborate kill sequence in the movie. After reading the script, she called me and said you must really hate me. I explained to her though that it's actually a big compliment and that she got the most over-the-top treatment because she was worthy of it. And it's true! However, we do have to discuss some of the more awkward realities of playing this part, including uncomfortable prosthetics and worse. She assured me however that she's up for the challenge and was quick to remind me that she's crawled through chicken shit and had sex with a 400 pound woman all for the sake of art."

So how about you?

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