Sunday, August 22, 2010

In the "If You Wait Long Enough" Category....

The upcoming issue of Veronica (#202, "Isn't It Bromantic?") hits the newstands mid-September and introduces the first openly gay character in the history of Archie comics. His name is Kevin Keller. As reported in the July 2010 issue of GQ magazine: "Right-wing bloggers—perhaps sensing that if the steadfastly bland and normal idea of America that Archie's Riverdale is meant to depict now includes homosexuality, it says something about which way the culture war is going—are up in arms. ...[T]here's already a Facebook group called 'Gay Archie comics can stay away from me, thanks,' presumably because 'Adult Male Homophobes Who Don't See Anything Weird About Reading Veronica' was already taken."

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