Monday, December 29, 2008

FILM IN FOCUS—Behind the Blog

I was completely honored when Nick Dawson invited me to contribute to "Behind the Blog" at Film In Focus. To be in the company of Campaspe, our favorite Self-Styled Siren; Todd Brown, my editor at Twitch; Sujewa Ekanayake; The Cinetrix; Tom Sutpen; Andrew Grant; David Hudson; Matt Dentler; Brandon Harris; Karina Longworth; Matt Zoller Seitz; Kimberly Lindbergs; and Chuck Tryon is a confirming vote of confidence and means the world to me. We all dream of being included into a community and Film In Focus has just made my dream come true. Many many thanks! What a wonderful way to start 2009!

Along with their ongoing acknowledgment of the work of bloggers, Film In Focus—on the coat tails of the recent release of Gus Van Sant's biopic Milk—has likewise started a Bay-centric sidebar focusing on our favorite
Movie City: San Francisco. At this sidebar you will find articles on Milk, the Vertigo tour, San Francisco Noir, selections of favorite films by San Francisco film personalities, and an examination of one of San Francisco's most redeeming qualities—its gayness!


The Film Doctor said...

Congratulations for getting selected for inclusion in the "Behind the Blog" series in Film in Focus. As a relatively new blogger, I found your answers interesting in the way you find an on-going creative enthusiasm in your writing and interviews. Also, San Francisco sounds like an enviable place to develop and enrich one's expertise in film.

Michael Guillen said...

Thanks for stopping by to comment, Doc. Yeah, I feel pretty blessed to live in SF. Its film culture is rich and diverse.

Congratulations on starting up your blog. I hope you gain as much satisfaction from it as I gain from mine.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being the focus of "Film in Focus". Happy New Year, too!

shahn said...

It's not surprising to find out that you give an interview as interesting,well-written and as articulate as those you conduct.

You deserve all this recognition.
Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Let me add to the chorus of "well deserved!" And I'm so immeasurably pleased to learn that your Speedy Gonzalez piece is - deservedly - among your most popular entries.

Happy 2009!

Michael Guillen said...

Thanks Peter, Shahn & Brian. And Happy New Year to all of you!