Thursday, March 18, 2010


When Michael Moore's recent documentary Capitalism: A Love Story screened at last year's Toronto International Film Festival, and it started out with Moore's query of whether or not 100 years from now Americans would be remembered for their attention to human rights or their obsession with cats flushing toilets, I laughed the loudest in the audience and was quickly glared at by others who made it clear that I was "missing the point." Well, what can I say? The antics of cats have amused me since I was a child. That's why I'm so pleased and purr-oud that guest curator Jesse Miller has compiled a selection of shorts for the first annual PussyFest here at The Evening Class. Relish in the death of intelligentsia! Down with critical thinking! Meow.

Talking Cats

Stalking Cats

Maru's Greatest Hits

Synchronized Cats

Socially-relevant Documentary on Cat Addiction

Socially-relevant Documentary on Cat Eviction

Omnibus Shorts


Audience Favorites


Frako said...

Thanks for that HUGE waste of time Jesse (and Michael)! I'm afraid the final one will get the Audience Award.

jmac said...

You make blogging so sexy, Maya! My cat, Camille, and I love you! :)

P.S. Check out my video, Kittypie!

Joanna said...

You really made an awesome observation there, highlighting the 2 opposites. Well, maybe they're not that different anyways. I didn't watch the videos, I don't like cats and I certainly don't find pleasure in admiring the feline type of intelligence.