Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Top Ten Films of 2005

I've never tried to do a top ten before and found it painfully difficult not only to reconstruct my moviegoing experience of the past year but to then cull out these two fistfuls. As criteria, I followed Adam Hartzell's cue that the films had to be features released in the past few years, which I was able to see on a screen in my vicinity in 2005. There was no way I could rank them so I offer them here alphabetically and will follow-up in the next few days with detailed reviews.

Best of Youth
Duck Season
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Mysterious Skin
Nobody Knows
Old Boy
Tropical Malady
Turtles Can Fly


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on putting together this wonderful blog. I plan to return often for more of your eloquent and interesting film analysis.

Two of your Top 10 made my own Ten Favorite Films of 2005, 'Duck Season' and 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,' with 'Moolaade' topping my 2004 list. 'Old Boy' and 'Best of Youth' would have made the list as well, had there only been more room. Here' my complete list:

1. The Assassination of Richard Nixon
2. The Devil and Daniel Johnston
3. Duck Season
4. Gift From Above
5. I am a Sex Addict
6. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
7. Life is a Miracle
8. The Polar Express :An IMAX 3-D Experience
9. Private
10. Thumbsucker

Michael Guillen said...

It takes a friend to know one. Thank you, XIXAX, for stopping in to comment. And especially for offering up your own top ten! I have two other top tens I intend to post about once I'm through with this first list. "The Devil and Daniel Johnston" will definitely be included in my Top Ten documentaries and "The Assassination of Richard Nixon" will feature in my Top Ten DVD viewings (since I didn't see it on the big screen). I can't believe I forgot about the IMAX 3-D Experience of "The Polar Express"!! Ah well, I only have so many fingers and just enough memory. I'm not familiar with "Gift From Above", "I Am A Sex Addict" and "Private" ... can you speak more? Or point me to your own film blogsite?

Thanks again for stopping by. I appreciate it!!

Anonymous said...

'Gift From Above' (2003) is the second feature from Israeli-Georgian director Dover Koshashvili, whose 2001 'Late Marriage' enjoyed some success in the US. I saw it in Paris last fall where it was showing in several theaters, and to the best of my knowledge it has never been shown in the US, not even at Jewish fests.

'I Am a Sex Addict' is a fascinating docudramedy by Bay Area filmmaker Caveh Zahedi and was recently picked up by IFC Films for US distribution.

And 'Private' is an Italian film about a Palestian family whose house is seized and occupied by an Israeli army unit. Filmed in Italy by an Italian director, the film was Italy's submission for Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, but was rejected by the Academy because the film's dialog is in Arabic, not Italian.

I look forward to reading your follow-up Top 10 lists.

Michael Guillen said...

Oh yes, now I remember you telling me about and reading some about "Private." Sounds like I'll get a chance to see "I Am A Sex Addict" either through distribution or on IFC. And will keep my eye out for "Gift From Above."