Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cowboy del Amor

Caught an advance screening of Cowboy del Amor at the Shattuck Theater in Berkeley. Here's the film's official website:

As the website announces: "Cowboy Del Amor is a documentary comedy about a cowboy-turned-matchmaker who can't manage his own love life. It follows self-proclaimed 'Cowboy Cupid' Ivan Thompson, as he finds Mexican brides for disillusioned American men searching for the perfect wife."

The website includes a treasure trove of reviews so I won't belabor them here, but, suffice it to say that I, too, was greatly amused by Michèle Ohayon's pleasant portrayal of Thompson, whose charm resides squarely in his colloquial manner. I love colloquial speech; I believe it reflects the heart of America. Cowboy del Amor has to be commended for walking a fine line. In its unflinching look at American men with Mexican women it is bound to estrange if not downright offend American women and Mexican men. Past the obvious polarized politicizations, however, Cowboy del Amor is essentially a look at the loneliness within us all and our longing for partnership. It is fueled by a buoyant musical score and more situational humor than you can shake a stick at. However politically incorrect it might be, it nonetheless provides a great evening's entertainment.