Friday, August 23, 2019


Not only has the vinyl arrived for the much-anticipated Sun Blood Stories September release of "Haunt Yourself", but the searing second video for the album ("All the Words in Meaning") has been released today.  It's from the lyrics of this song that the album claims its name.

"All the Words in Meaning" exhibits Amber Pollard's impressive vocal control, ranging from soft-spoken and whispered to enraged and blistering, addressing any woman who has suffered the broken tea sets of childhood and the loss of innocence shattered by sexual abuse. An intensely personal offering, "All the Words in Meaning" hopes for the remedial redemption of music to counter the injustices of childhood and pleads for listeners to speak up and speak out.

As Pollard reveals: "This song is about my childhood. My awful childhood. My parents split when I was still a toddler. Maybe not even 2 years old yet. Around age 3, my mother started dating a man who would abuse me in every form of the word daily for the next 14 years. Escapism was my only reprise from the physical and emotional pain that was inflicted upon me. I often time found myself fantasizing about what my life could have been like if my parents had stayed together. That is what this song is about. Ben, Jon, and I just really hope this song makes you feel something. Anything. If you or someone you know is being hurt please call the National Domestic Abuse Hotline 1-800-799-7233. We love you."

Pollard does triple duty here, not only as troubador / town crier, and vocalist, but also the video's editor. She flexes a singular distinct DIY aesthetic exploring found footage and lo-fi imagery, with three edited videos under her belt and five to come. "All the Words in Meaning", directed by Thomas Newby and the Green Zoo Arts Collective, with Lighting/Set Design Assistance and Official Photography by Bethany Peterson, Pollard fairly gives credit to her son George Pollard for letting them use his room and personal belongings for the setting of this music video.

In a time of reflection when you realize
The sum of your parts don't make a whole life
Cuz some parts are broken, missing, buried
Hidden away in memories of pain
Never giving your eyes to to adjust. 

Like the Vision that
You had in the Garden

I can't forgive leaving, childhood you are stealing
Stood outside your doorway did you hear me?
Listened through the hallway did you notice me?
I just want to feel, I just want to feel
Why won't you let me feel something?

I have my mother's eyes, my father's nose
On my face is where they stayed together.
I've got to learn to hide or haunt myself
Red flower leaking remember how that felt?
How it felt?

With all the words...

... before I fly I hide my memories in the wild flowers...

With all the words in meaning.

© 2019 Sun Blood Stories

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