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The Second Annual Report of the reconvened CAMERA OBSCURA is scheduled for Thursday, 18-November, to Sunday, 20-November, at the historic Hotel Petaluma. In 1957, shortly after Frank Stauffacher’s like-minded “Art in Cinema” SFMOMA series ended, the original CAMERA OBSCURA Film Society (COFS) was founded by Lawrence Jordan and Bruce Conner together with Willy Werby, Roger Ferragallo, Ben Payne and a handful of others. Their eclectic programs “presented solely in the interests of advancing an appreciation of the cinema and of fostering a vital link with present day filmmakers” continued until the organization ceased to exist in 1962. The First Annual Report of the reconstituted CAMERA OBSCURA occurred with great fanfare over two evenings in December of 2015.

The committee for CAMERA OBSCURA consists of co-directors Amanda Salazar of the San Francisco Film Society and Jonathan Marlow of Kanopy, former colleagues committed to evoking the spirit of the original COFS. The revitalized and expanded event represents a festival of recent and restored narrative and non-fiction works premiering regionally along with several work-in-progress screenings. The aforementioned filmmaker Lawrence Jordan will return to premiere his latest film and introduce a documentary of his selection. Numerous other guests will also be in attendance.

Events are for members-only and presented on behalf of COFS. A half-day membership (for a single screening) is $20. A full-day membership is $50. A one-year membership (including a full pass for all of the weekend events and subsequent Quarterly Report screenings) is $100. Memberships must be purchased prior to the event.

— CAMERA OBSCURA day I : Friday, 18-November —

OPENING NIGHT: 7:00pm | Friday, 18-November
Cameraperson (2016), dir. Kirsten Johnson
- preceded by the short film -
Speaking Is Difficult (2016), dir. AJ Schnack
[feature courtesy of Janus Films | short courtesy of the filmmaker and Field of Vision]

— followed by — opening night reception [Hotel Petaluma ballroom] —

CAMERA OBSCURA day II : Saturday, 19-November —

12:00pm | Saturday, 19-November [introduced by Canyon Cinema Director Antonella Bonfanti]
La Region Centrale (1971), dir. Michael Snow
- preceded by the short film -
The Watershow Extravaganza (2016) [U.S. premiere], dir. Sophie Michael
[feature courtesy of Canyon Cinema | short courtesy of the filmmaker]

— followed by —

4:00pm | Saturday, 19-November [introduced by Camera Obscura Film Society co-founder Lawrence Jordan]
Lessons of Darkness (1992), dir. Werner Herzog
- preceded by the short films -
Night Light (2016) [world premiere], dir. Lawrence Jordan [in attendance]
Edge of Alchemy (2016) [work-in-progress screening], dir. Stacey Steers
[feature courtesy of WHF GmbH | shorts courtesy of the respective filmmakers]

— followed by —

7:00pm | Saturday, 19-November
The Son of Joseph [Le Fils de Joseph] (2016) [regional premiere], dir. Eugene Green
- preceded by the short film -
Oh What A Wonderful Feeling (2016) [regional premiere], dir. Francois Jaros
[feature courtesy of Kino Lorber | short courtesy of La Boîte à Fanny]

— followed by —

10:00pm | Saturday, 19-November [introduced by Alamo Drafthouse SF Creative Manager Mike Keegan]
The Astrologer (1975), dir. Craig Denny
- preceded by the short film -
Plena Stellarum (2016) [regional premiere], dir. Matthew Wade
[feature courtesy of AGFA | short courtesy the filmmaker]

— CAMERA OBSCURA day III : Sunday, 20-November —

1:00pm | Sunday, 20-November
In Pursuit of Silence (2015), dir. Patrick Shen [prod. Brandon Vedder in attendance]
- preceded by the short film -
Flowers in the Sky (2016) [regional premiere], dir. Janie Geiser
[feature courtesy of the Cinema Guild | short courtesy the filmmaker]

— followed by —

4:00pm | Sunday, 20-November
Sea to Shining Sea (2016) [work-in-progress screening], dir. Maximon Monihan [in attendance]
- preceded by the short film -
Exile Exotic (2015) [regional premiere], dir. Sasha Litvintseva
[feature courtesy of Bricolagista | short courtesy the filmmaker]

— followed by —

CLOSING NIGHT: 7:00pm | Sunday, 20-November
Dark Night (2016) [regional premiere], dir. Tim Sutton
- preceded by the short film - [TBA] (2016) [work-in-progress screening] dir. -------- [in attendance]
[feature courtesy of Cinelicious Pics | short courtesy of the filmmaker]

— followed by —

Closing night party [secret location TBA].

For further information: All screenings occur within a pop-up cinema in the historic Hotel Petaluma, located at 106 Washington Street in downtown Petaluma, California, approximately 45 minutes north of San Francisco.  www.cameraobscurafilmsociety.com

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