Saturday, April 09, 2011


Thrush by Gabriel Bisset-Smith won the Grand Prize at the 2011 Disposable Film Festival (DFF), cleverly narrating a relationship from start to finish through sequences of photographs. It reminded me of when Jack Kerouac wrote that a day would come when he and his friends would look at their photos in albums and recognize their "sad and ragged lives forever."

Thrush from Disposable Film Festival on Vimeo.

The Audience Choice Award went to Theo Putzu's Paper Memories, wherein photos once again served a narrative of memory. But in this short film photographs also become the doors to an alternate future that resolves the sadness of the past.

Paper Memories from Disposable Film Festival on Vimeo.

For the remaining winners, check out the DFF website. Videos courtesy of Vimeo.

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