Sunday, January 24, 2010


Muller discovered Serena Bramble's Endless Night: A Valentine to Film Noir on YouTube and decided it was the best visceral distillation of film noir he'd ever seen in his life. He was happy about finding it because it restored his faith in the younger generation. He wanted to use it as an introductory trailer to each double-bill at this year's Noir City and—in lieu of an honorarium—offered to buy Serena Bramble a drink next time she was in San Francisco. "That's how I found out she was 20 years old!"

"Next year!" Serena shouted out in promise.

Made by this young psychology student from Santa Rosa—cut on the
iMovie that came installed on her laptop—Bramble never once imagined she would see her iMovie projected onto the Castro Theater's huge screen. Muller had encouraged her to attend opening night because he was convinced that—once she saw the film projected on a large screen and witnessed the audience reaction—she would know her calling. Her response at the time was, "Darn. I have to take my driver's test."

Once Eddie situated her in the audience, Serena stood to receive her due applause. Sitting directly behind her, I can vouch that throughout the evening she was congratulated over and over for her shining accomplishment.

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Michael Hawley said...

Wow! Hope I get to see this projected on the Castro screen at my first 2010 Noir City outing tonight.

Bob Turnbull said...

Holy crap, that's fantastic! I want to go out and rent a theatre just to show that 7 minutes on the big screen. It certainly proves Eddie Muller has great taste.

Now pardon me while I try to spread this around further...