Saturday, July 20, 2019


Sun Blood Stories.  Photo: © Jenny Bowler.  All rights reserved.
A continuing tale of two cities. Sometimes I wonder if San Francisco is the silver backing to the mirror called Boise or if Boise is the silver backing to the mirror called San Francisco? Mine is a reflection facing in two directions, just as surely as I have coursed the conduit between these two cities for the past decade.

With the first video release "Up Comes the Tunnel" from their upcoming album "Haunt Yourself" (put a BIG RED CIRCLE around September 20, the album's release date, y'all!!), that conduit remains assured with Sun Blood Stories' Godardian use of lyrics and intertitled evocations laminated onto vintage forties footage of San Francisco. For those in the know, that footage starts out with an approach to San Francisco's Stockton Tunnel (deftly embracing the song's lyrics).

Photo courtesy of Sun Blood Stories.
Even as Boise's music scene shifts, my love for the creative talents of Sun Blood Stories (Ben Kirby, Amber Pollard and Jon Fust) remains steadfast. From first hearing Kirby growling "Barfly Blues" at Treefort Music Fest so many years ago, the band has morphed members and stylistic signatures over the years, having an undeniable influence on younger bands in Idaho's Treasure Valley. With the release of "Haunt Yourself", I anticipate their influence will range further.

I'm so pleased with the vocals on "Haunt Yourself" as the members of Sun Blood Stories step out from behind their mask of sonic texture (aka "high desert psych fuzz"), kicking off with Kirby's breathiness on this track, and spotlighting Amber Pollard's strong and sultry stylings throughout!! This is the album I've been waiting for from Sun Blood Stories, and--you might not know it yet--but, it's the album YOU'VE been waiting for!!

"Haunt Yourself" can be pre-ordered at Bandcamp. Boiseans, prepare yourself for an album release concert to beat all album release concerts as Duck Club presents Sun Blood Stories, Like A Villain, Chief Broom and Endless Atlas (plus some surprise guests) on Saturday, September 21, 2019 at the Neurolux.