Saturday, February 03, 2007

PUCCINI FOR BEGINNERS—The Greencine Interview With Maria Maggenti.

Jonathan Marlow and I have joked that Greencine has me out on queer assignment. Have Lesbian, Will Travel. But that's perfectly fine with me. Not only do I love contributing to one of my favorite film sites on the Internet, but I genuinely appreciate the chance to talk with The Sisters; it's a pleasure and a privilege. So after Jamie Babbit and The Quiet, Greencine offered me Maria Maggenti and Puccini For Beginners. The interview—"Seeing the Humor in Sexual Idenity"—is up on the Greencine site.

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Anonymous said...

It's merely a coincidence. Honest! I originally wasn't going to ask you about Ms. Maggenti because I didn't want this to appear to be a pattern. Once I saw that you were already scheduled to speak with her, there didn't seem to be any harm in having you re-direct that conversation our way.

Of course, we continue to ask you to interview folks because we absolutely like what you do. We'll keep asking, too.

Meanwhile, perhaps you'd be willing to talk with Ellen DeGeneres about hosting the Academy Awards this year? Kidding! I don't have a way to reach her...

Michael Guillen said...

Heh. I would LOVE to interview Ellen.